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In this Millennial era, The technology and information are growing fast. It couldn`t be handled by conservative ways. Moreover,, by entering the The Industry revolution 4.0, the disruptive technology is really happened.

In this case, we can see how education In Madrasah tends to use the conservative methods and system. So that is why, we have to realize that the education in Madrasah must need the system based on Globalization and information era.

We try to analyze, in this era, the Artificial Intelligences appears. Do you know what is the Artificial Intelligence means?

The artificial Intelligence means that all system, working, and the human portion is changed by robot, digital system, google and etc.

Madrasah in this term, can be the solution.where all of human being praises the Artificial Intelligence, Madrasah it self must not be separated from it. In this situation, Madrasah will have what is artificial intelligence has, and  Madrasah will have what is artificial intelligence does not have.

The existence of artificial intelligence can not be fight. This existence can be anticipated by Madrasah using the religious value. We must find something by using some creativity

We are as student must face the globalization positively. We must correct our mind set first in facing the globalization. We should not think negatively. As long as we have the right mind set, we will be able to adapt in all situation and condition.

There are several steps to adapt with globalization era.

  1. We must filter the foreign culture. The culture which is good or bad. The way to face it is by learning the religious subject and implement it. We approach or Taqarrub to our god Allah SWT by performing what is he ordered and avoid what is he prohibited.
  2. Learning the norms of Pancasila and implement might strengthen the unity of our relationship as the society of Indonesia.
  3. By studying hard, we will be able to compete with other. We can compete not only in Indonesia, but also we can compete with other country than Indonesia is really exist.

We must be proud of being the student of Madrasah. I believe that one day, madrasah will be the champion among the other schools. We have great teachers who always guide and educate us not only in the term of intellectual intelligence but also in the spiritual and emotional intelligence.